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  1. Looking for guest bloggers to write about different subjects to add to my personal page. Let me know if you're interested!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. habituatedbuddhist

    What topics are you looking for?

  3. I'm open to different topics. Depends on the blogger/niche. Did you have anything in mind?

  4. Have you done a forum search for "Guest Bloggers?" There are several threads already on the topic.

  5. Yeah I have and didnt find what I was looking for. I'd rather have people who are interested to reply here...Thanks though.

  6. @thecandidcamdiaries
    IMO new bloggers need to be on the ball when it comes to submitting guest posts to blogs that are not focused, lack content, lack traffic, and have yet to earn a PageRank. Your blog does not have a clearly defined niche. It lacks content has low traffic and it has not yet achieved a PageRank as yet

    What possible benefit(s) could flow to guest bloggers who choose to submit posts for publication on your blog? In other words, what's in it for them? This is an important question for you to answer because the answer to it is what any savvy prospective guest blogger wants to know in advance.

    Guest blogging on a blog in the same niche as your own blog that has higher PageRank than your own blog has provides opportunities for:
    (1) promoting one’s own reputation as a blogger;
    (2) and earning a backlink to your own blog.

    On my blog some of my regular readers and commenters created on topic posts in accord with my guest post policy and I was delighted to publish them. My blog benefited by enhancing the value of the content in my blog. My blog has a defined niche, content, good traffic, and a decent PageRank. Consequently, their blogs benefited in the two ways I posted in the paragraph immediately preceding this one.

  7. habituatedbuddhist

    @TT how do you find out if you have a PageRank?

  8. @habituatedbuddhist
    Question: how do you find out if you have a PageRank?
    Answer: use Google search type in page rank checker

    Your blog does not have a PageRank as yet and that's not unusual. Normally a blog does not achieve a PageRank until after 6 months have passed. This is referred to as being in Google's sandbox and during this timeframe you have an opportunity to build search engine trust. Why is that necessary because the majority of all blog created everyday are created by spammers and sploggers. Also note that there are so many people playing SEO game the search engines that Google has been downplaying the value of page ranking since 2009.

    There are hundreds factors that go into determining page ranking. Last year Google made over 900 algorithm changes, only 500 of which most of us are aware of These are some of the positive factors that Google’s algorithm takes into consideration:
    1. Keyword Use In Title Tag
    2. Global Link Popularity Of The Site
    3. Anchor Text Of Incoming Links
    4. Link Popularity Within The Site
    5. Age Of The Site

    These are the negative factors that Google’s algorithm takes into consideration:
    1. Server Is Often Inaccessible To Googlebot
    2. Content Which Is Very Similar Or Duplicate to Existing Content On The Web
    3. External Links To Low Quality Sites and Unrelated Sites

    Make it part of your blog strategy to focus your attention on the following:
    writing high quality unique content and publishing frequently;
    creating clean code in your posts and ensuring your site validates;
    using keywords and tagging properly so the content can be found and indexed;
    optimizing your images;
    linking to exceptional content on authoritative sites with respectable Page Rank;
    being careful not to link too link to frequently to sites with lower Page Rank and not creating a mile long blogroll of links to sites that are unranked and/or unrelated to your own blog;
    when in doubt use the bad neighborhood checker and do not link to any blogs that have links to bad neighborhoods.

    The bottom line is that if you are publishing original high quality content frequently and you are backlinking to other original high quality content in your posts then I recommend not getting fixated on Page Rank.

    IMO from a beginner's POV the value of becoming familiar with the factors that Google and Bing do provide in articles and tutorials is learning what not to do. The best place to discover what they are is at Google webmaster tools help and at Bing Webmaster tools

    Blog specific advice:
    Remove the "sticky" designation from the post on your front page Place a link to that post in a text widget and place that text widget in a prominent spot at the top of your sidebar labeled something like "start here". Do not create any more sticky posts. Do not create a static front page on your blog.

  9. habituatedbuddhist

    Thanks for so much info... I'll get on those changes tonight (new post tonight as well)

  10. @habituatedbuddhist
    This is a guest blogger invitation. My personal blog does have some content related to yours. It does have a decent PageRank despite the fact I struggle to find the time to publish as frequently as I would like to. You know what the URL is and if you go to the custom menu at the top and hover under About you will find a link to my guest blogging policy page.

  11. @timethief

    My blog revolves around my personal life and I'm looking to expand it or add a bit of diversity. I get a fair amount of exposure and so does my site..that's something that a new or seasoned blogger could benefit from.Thanks for the info.


  12. @thecandidcamdiaries
    Thanks but I'm aware of the metrics for your site and I prefer respectfully decline your guest post invitation at this time. That being said, I extend my best wishes for happy blogging to you. :)

  13. If your blog revolves around your personal life, how can guest posts ever fit in there? Unless you're getting people who are IN your personal life to blog.

    This is the thing: figure out what your blog is about. If it's about You, then there is no guest poster other than your closest friends and relatives who's qualified to blog on that topic. Well, maybe your boss, but do you want to read that?

    Blogs about baking, or ponies, or the space program, any blog with an external focus, is a blog on which guest posts would not be dissonant.

  14. Ok well thanks. I was simply put it out there for anyone who IS interested. Thanks for watching :).

  15. Sarah,
    I wouldn't mind guest blogging for you but you would have to give me more of an idea of what you want. Not everyone is interested in PR, niches, or "whats in it for them." Some of us simply just want to exercise our creative muses and meet people along the way. I am looking for guest bloggers myself and if someone deems my blog "not good enough" oh well!

  16. habituatedbuddhist

    @TT Thank you so much. I'm finishing a post tonight for my blog, but will begin on a submission right away... Thanks again for everything.

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