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Guest Blogging Etiquette?

  1. I will be guest blogging (actually, it's a repost) on the blog of someone with a much larger, more established following than I have over at my infant blog. What is polite/ok in terms of self promotion?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Strictly speaking, this isn't a Support issue (the Support forum is for technical problems with your blog) But I'll answer as best I can:

    A repost is different from guest blogging. Guest blogging is where you write a new and usually original post on someone else's blog with a link back to your own. The idea is that that person's readers then go to your blog, and yours go to the host blog - it's a way to get some publicity.

    Reblogging takes a small part of a post - usually no more than the first paragraph or two, plus one large image and the rest as thumbnails - and it automatically posts to another blog.

    You can find out more about reblogging posts here:

    As for the etiquette of guest posts, the usual thing is to answer all or most of the comments on the blog on which you're guesting. Though if you don't want to, you should say so or at least find out from the host blog what is expected of you.

  3. I have a guest post policy for original content only posts that have not been and will not be published elsewhere that you may want to check out here >

  4. Thank you TT and AOB.

    Is there a forum that would be better suited to this type of question?

    The person/blog that will be using my post had said either an old post or original was fine with them. I was very clear that this has already been posted on my blog, sent a link to the specific post and the home page of my blog.

    Off to do some more reading on guest posts and reblogging from your links, thanks again!

  5. Hi agin,
    There are no other forums we can discuss this in and in my opinion there's not much to discuss as I've developed my guest posting policy. lol :) .

    There's no way I will be publishing any post that has been previously published anywhere else in print media or online, as that's duplicate content and Googles' Panda alogrithm will detect it. There's bext to no value to my blog and my readers in doing that. There's far more value in me simply creating a new post and including a quote and backlinking to the others blogger's post.

  6. You can self promote I think all you want - however as noted by @TT - duplicate content of an entire Post does you not much good - yes you get more exposure but search engines seem to downgrade your results - a whole post even with a link gets you essentially ZERO traffic

    much better in my opinion is what one site does for my site - they have a SHORT bit on their site - a picture then a link to the original article on my site - so if you want to read more than 50 words you need to visit my site - yes they were polite and ask me before adding me to their front page -

  7. Very interesting, I had no clue about search engines and duplicate posts.

    Live and learn, my first blogging mistake--but far from my first mistake.

    Thanks Auxclass and TT.

  8. See here > Google Webmasters duplicate content >

  9. Heh, I have much to learn. These links have been very helpful.

  10. I won't flood you with any more links. Suffice to say that if you examine my guest blogging policy you will see I have tried to "cover all the angles" and I'm very selective about what I will or will not publish. I also don't allow anyone other than my co-admin (thesacredpath) access to my blog to create their posts on it. Guest posts are submitted to me by email.

  11. The MOST important things to remember when guest blogging are:

    1) Always negotiate a short bio that will appear on your post, for self-promotional reasons. If the host says no, don't blog for them; they're all about themselves.

    2) Get it in on time.

  12. Thanks Raincoaster!

    Done and done.

  13. Good advice. I'm actually quite generous when it comes to displaying a short bio and when it comes to backlinks.

  14. Oh - two other things. Mention in your own blog (in the post that coincides in time with the guest post) that you have a guest post over at the other blog, and make sure that you have pingbacks turned on!

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