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    guest media upload – can’t find a way to have guests upload without being “invited” to contribute. Also want to review/approve content prior to posting???
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    Nobody can upload things to your blog unless you’ve invited them as contributors/editors. Otherwise spammers would hammer you relentlessly with frivolous uploads.


    I am trying to make it easy for kids to upload videos and 30 word stories to the site. We are trying to lower the hoops and hurdles so that the contribution doesn’t become too much work and dissuade them… I realize spammers would try to gunk up the site so each upload would be reviewed prior to posting. Any suggestions?



    That’s not fgoing to happen on a blog unless youy make them official users of the blog. Note that Contributors cannot upload images. If you’re a blog Administrator and you’d like to make someone a Contributor, Author, or Editor on your site, please follow the directions on adding contributors.
    The age for getting a username account is 13 years. Note that your readers can place the URLs to images in comments and you can then moderate and approve them. See here too >



    You can simply use Comments.\

    People can upload Youtubes to comments right now.

    If you want more uploadability than that, you want either WordPress VIP hosting like Icanhascheezburger has (at $20,000 a year) or you want a WordPress.ORG site instead.



    Come to think of it, you can use a Comment form. As long as the images are already uploaded and so are the videos. Then they just put in the URL of the appropriate media.

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