Guest to my blog sees different layout

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    A guest I invited to view my blog sees a different layout than what I have created. For instance, I created a menu of 5 pages from left to right on the main page, but what she sees on her computer is one menu button that when clicked displays the page names vertically. After clicking the a link she can view the page, but then the one menu button appears. I also have a hierarchy on one page-parent/child/child, but that hierarchy isn’t displayed on hers. The font also changes. I’m using Chrome and she’s using IE. What’s going on?

    The blog I need help with is


    I used my guests computer to log in with my username and password and the appearance is the same as if she had logged in using her guest login. I must assume then, since no one has commented, that the issue is her IE browser as WordPress recommends Chrome or Firefox. Can anyone verify that?

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