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  1. andreaskretschmer

    I know you may comment posts but I would like to have a guest book on my blog. Is threre anyway to include it?

  2. I'd suggest you get a guestbook from a third-party server (I haven't kept up with developments in the guestbook world, but Google should help) and link to it in your blogroll.

    However, in my experience guestbooks are not as geared up to cope with spam as blogging tools with built-in comments, so you'd need to keep a close eye on it and probably do a fair bit of manual spam deletion.

  3. I'm not 100% sure but I remember Ainslie mentioning the feature for the next version of WP-Andreas9 (2.0)

  4. Hey andiftw!

    I have made a OK solution.. If you really wanna have a guestbook, you can do as I have done..

    my blog:
    my guestbook:

    It's not that bad..
    But it's a shame wordpress dont offer guessbooks..

  5. I'd rather have a secure site instead of a guestbook. :)

    Guestbooks are nortorious for being hacked and spammed and all that.

  6. That's true..
    But on smartgb they have a filter (Java)..
    And I can controle all the actions in my guestbook..
    Like this there aint gonna happend anything with my wordpress blog :)

  7. Actually just came up with a method that was described here.

    Only works though if you have a theme that allows comments though.

    Create a new page and label it 'GuestBook'.

    Why didn't I think of that? :)

  8. I've got that!!!
    I was alrady wondering when that comes up :)
    got a photo album to
    Wordpress is good ;)

  9. does anyone know what themes allow comments in pages other than regulus? i'm thinking of making one too.

    and if i do have comments in pages, will it still be kept if i switch to a them without comments in pages? or will it be deleted?

  10. Oh yeah.. That is a really easy way :)
    A shame I love the blix-theme too much to chance it, just so I can get a guestbook..

    Sulz, I don't think they'll get deleted, but I'm not sure. But the comments is not a part of your theme but your WP-account..

  11. They won't be deleted. I do think they won't be seen though.

  12. yea, you guys are right. just tested it. sadly, all the themes with customised headers do not allow comments in pages except regulus.

  13. Yeah - that kinda sucks..

  14. would love comments for pages too!

  15. *chuckle* Didn't we just have a thread where people didn't want comments on pages. :)

    Just had a second thought. For a "guestbook" to really work, you're probably going to want to set Dashboard -> Options -> General -> Membership -> "Users must be registered and logged in to comment" unchecked. That way, anyone can leave a comment, not just those who have an account here. Not sure how you're going to feel about that...

  16. sadly, all the themes with customised headers do not allow comments in pages except regulus.

    duh, am such a nincompoop - have been using the ambiru theme for weeks on end and only just realised it allows comments in pages, along with regulus.

  17. Sloane,

    Thanks so much for your guest book idea. I just got one for my site Its not perfect. I wanted a shoutbox for my side bar, but I guess it will have to do. We have a strict author only comments rule for our blog but I'd like to have a space for the average viewer to comment as well. Also since we are a writer's group we need a place where we can talk off topic but still connected to our group.

    Everyone keeps expressing worries about folks hacking into their site, honestly I don't know what the reward would be for a hacker to hack into a personal blog! There's nothing to steal at our site! Some HTML flexibility would be appreciated, however that's for sure! Any way thanks for the help.

  18. Some folks just get off on hacking. Thousands, actually. A friend of mine's blog got hacked and all of her scientific articles were suddenly directing people to a porn site in Poland.

  19. That's how I got started on computers: hacking security for programs. Those thirty day time limits and all that. Wrote up articles and walkthrus and all the rest. Learned a lot.

    And, no, you don't get my hacker name either. A lot fo what I wrote is still online.

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