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  1. I need help getting my newly posted WordPress website working on my new host. I realize that you charge for support and I am willing to pay for a Happiness Pro to help me through the process and get my website working again. Unfortunately the link in the store to have "Guided" help, does not link to anywhere, it's dead. Help, how can I get in touch with a Happiness Pro????
    Blog url:

  2. The guided transfer upgrade is only for moving a blog to and you stated you have already done that in this thread
    Happiness engineers work for and they have a backlog. If you need professional help I suggest that you seek it here >

  3. I am not sure how to transfer a domain from drupal to wordpress. I am going to be the admin for the site and would like to know what theme to get so i can add a plug in for the ability to accept credit cards online and even the phone. I use to know about some of this stuff but have been out of the loop for a few years.

  4. You need to be at WordPress.ORG, not WordPress.COM, for answers to that. We can't use plugins and we can't do ecommerce on our blogs at WordPress.COM

  5. I see people can have a button to donate is that a plug in a person can get on a wordpress .com site? Im kinda confused, do you just log in as and not your to get these plugings? I dont know coding very well so if I can't use a simple plugin than guess im screwed for what i was planning to do on a clients site.

  6. You have a WordPress.ORG blog. None of our answers will apply to you. You have to go to WordPress.ORG to get support.

  7. If you don't know the difference and can't even be bothered to google it, you've no right taking someone's money to build a website, frankly.

  8. Reading this may be helpful > vs.

  9. Fist off Im not taking anyone's money until I have them something built, personally I was asking for help not some crap about stealing money from people. I have built sites a while back and why are you worried about me creating a site for a person, damn and I was going to ask you some other questions but if you want to judge a person for BUILDING A SMALL BUSINESS then screw you........ raincoaster... And for that matter FRANKLY the person who was a so called webmaster burnt her and several people she knew, so what gives you the right to talk shit??? At least Im not a thief!!!

  10. Like I said, you are in the wrong forum. I know more than you, and you are ignoring me and that gives me the right to talk shit about you.

  11. FYI the original problem of this thread was solved. I appreciated the and quickly ran with it, realizing that is indeed the place I should have been. I solved my issue which turned out to be a premalink bug. I appreciate the feedback from everyone.

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