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    How long does it take for my blog to start running on when i opt for guided transfer? Do you need to be a good at html, css coding and stuff to handle a site? Because i don’t know squat about coding.

    The blog I need help with is



    1) immediately, though it can take longer for search engines to find it.

    2) not necessarily, unless you want to tinker with your theme and the way it works. I don’t bother.

    3) you WILL need to be vigilant about upgrades to plugins and WordPress itself, because otherwise it’s a security risk. But you can generally do it with two clicks, no heavy lifting. Still, it’s wise to have $500 socked away in case you get screwed (like using a theme with invisible porn links built in) and need to call in a pro.



    Themes with invisible porn links!?!?!??? Dang!! Will that happen!?!?? And please, can you elaborate more about your third point? The security risks part?



    You can just google it. Frankly, at that level I start charging for consulting, and I am not cheap.



    @irfarious It’s true that you need to be more vigilant with a self-hosted site ( I’d recommend reading this article if you haven’t already:

    We do offer a product called VaultPress which handles backups of your site (real-time). The premium plan includes full security scanning, alerting, and fixing.

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