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  1. Are the engineers willing to do a guided transfer of my blog from .com to .org while I have a Premium theme? I don't care if it looks a little off from what I have at .com. As long as it is similar. Is anyone willing to do that?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi,

    We'd be happy to assist. The premium theme upgrades are only valid here at, but you can switch your site to a free theme first and then purchase the Guided Transfer.

  3. Yes, thank you. I was trying to transfer over to Blaskan theme but it will not allow me to display any widgets on a sidebar. I have tried the troubleshooting tutoral on support, but nothing happens. Help!

  4. We can't help with questions about themes external to

  5. @raincoaster
    Blaskan is not an external theme. We have a version of it here.

  6. Ummm... Blaskan is a theme...

  7. Thanks, I'll read slower next time.

    Then you won't be able to use the theme at all on a blog.

  8. @raincoaster
    I think bradborland trying to do what hewsut said above. As he has a premium theme and as it cannot be exported he's chnaging to the free Blaskan theme before the guided transfer takes place.

  9. Yes! I wanted to go to Blaskan but it won't display the sidebar for some reason.

  10. I see, and you've selected the two-column layout?:

  11. Yes, and I have troubleshot the problem through Support with no success.

  12. Well, it's risky but you could put your blog here into a different theme, then put it into Blaskan over at your .org blog and troubleshoot there. It's possible that whatever is interfering here wouldn't with an independent blog.

  13. I figured it out - I used a different browser.

  14. Thanks everyone!

  15. okay, still showing up without sidebar in IE and Firefox but not in Google Chrome - what gives? Is this what my audience will see too?

  16. I see the sidebar in Firefox.

  17. what about IE? I am hoping it is just an update issue with my archaic work desktop...

  18. Okay, last question (getting back to the original topic): I have managed to switch over to a free WP theme. In the Store it is still stating that they do not support transfers for Premium Themes with no option to buy.

    I have a WP theme now...?

  19. Hi Brad,

    I'm sorry this has been such a clumsy experience. I've made some changes for you in our system. Give the store a shot now in your dashboard -- you should be good to go.

  20. Thanks hewsut! It looks good now. Will the transfer make my blog look like it is now or do I need to pick a theme, host, etc.?

  21. Your theme is fine. There are a few features that are specific which we're unable to exactly reproduce (for example, Publicize), but your blog should look very close to what you currently have post-transfer.

    We'll send you an email after the Guided Transfer is purchased with full details on hosting information.

  22. Thanks for all of your help!

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