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guided transfer?

  1. I have the domain name using a wordpress blog with 1and1 and it has 1and1 emails attached to it.

    I wanted to amend the site but couldn't (probably because I did something wrong when transferring the blog over to 1and1...)

    So I started a new site with wordpress

    I now want to move my site over to replace the site so that my new site matches with my email addresses.

    I have been reading about domain mapping and exporting and importing but I am quite confused and, having clearly made a mistake last time I tried to do this (I couldn't amend the site) I am nervous about trying again.

    Please can someone help me to do this (I need quite simple instructions as, you can tell, I am not a web expert!!)




    The blog I need help with is

  2. If you can't use then the LAST thing you want to do is move the blog you can use over to that address.

    I would contact my web host and ask him how to get back into the site. Try signing in and hit the Forgot Password button and it'll email you a new password. And if you're having other technical problems with it, you can find support at WordPress.ORG.


    What you can do is abandon the first blog and just use the URL for your blog. If that's what you want to do, you follow these instructions:

  3. I am SO confused!

    I want to abandon the first blog (the one currently showing at and I want the one currently showing at to move over to be shown at

    Is this domain mapping or is this site redirect?????

    Sorry, very confused now...

  4. That's domain mapping. The link I gave you. It's NOT Guided Transfer.

  5. Right, thank you SO much!!!

  6. Wait, maybe I've misunderstood.

    Do you want to change the actual host of Because if you do, then a transfer is what you need. But it sounds like you aren't able to use your blog, and a transfer would turn your blog, which you can use, into a blog. Is that what you want?

  7. yes I think I do want to change the host as I own that domain with 1and1 so it would have to go over to them?? I have my emails with them on this domain and I need emails and site url to match.

    I am worried about ensuring the emails still work (because when you do domain mapping you have to change the custom DNS and this part really confused me before).

    Maybe it is a transfer then... but I can't get a guided transfer as 1and1 isn't one of WP's guided transfer host partners... (is that right?)

  8. No, you can use the domain name while keeping your blog hosted here.

    I'll flag this for staff attention and they can answer about the transfer partners. I would caution you that if you can't use the .org site now, moving your working blog over to that site will mean you can't use it either.

  9. THAT is what I want to do, keep it hosted here but use that domain name...

  10. How would I do that??!!

    Thanks so much for this by the way, I have been struggling SO much (as you can tell...)

  11. If you want to keep it here but use that domain name, follow the link I gave you. It's not hard. But the email thing IS more difficult. These are the instructions for that:

  12. Thank you, you have been unbelievably helpful. I will go for it. Wish me luck!

  13. Good luck!

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