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    Are we absolutely guaranteed to keep all of our WordPress subscribers if we move to another web host using the guided transfer? I want to make sure we keep all our WordPress subscribers and our stats.
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    The blog I need help with is



    Followers using the Reader to read your posts cannot be transferred. Only the email subscribers can be transferred.



    Stats cannot be transferred.



    Re: guarantee Staff cannot guarantee that every email subscriber they transfer for you will continue to be a subscriber. I have moved blogs in both directions (to and from and there was a loss of subscribers moving in both directions.


    Thanks for your response. Email and wordpress subscribers won’t all even be transferred with the paid transfer service? So frustrating!



    I hope you understand that and are completely separate. Here there is a community that has access to the Reader and other features like the Topics Pages. There is no such thing at at all. There is a support forum and that’s it. installs are stand alone islands there is no community and there are no shared features. Hence Staff cannot move followers on the Reader to a VOID.



    I’m going to provide you with a link >

    [opinion] If you don’t have what it takes to set up your own install all by yourself then in my not humble opinion moving to self hosting is premature. [/opinion]


    timethief – on that page, WordPress claims to transfer “all e-mail followers and subscribers”. What exactly do you think they’re referring to?



    They are referring to all subscribers and the subscribers we have are email subscribers and email subscribers can subscribe to our posts and comments or both.


    Our “subscribers” are split into 2 categories.. e-mail subscribers and wordpress subscribers.. When they said they would transfer all of our “e-mail followers and subscribers” you think they were referring to e-mail only?


    Their wording was EXTREMELY unclear, and we have yet to hear from a person who has actually paid for the guided transfer.. that’s kinda what we’re after. We want to know if anyone has paid for the guided transfer and which “subscribers” wordpress was actually able to transfer..



    I know that only email subscribers can be transferred. I am busy and I will not search for the Staff comments in forum threads to prove that to you.

    I also know that purchasing the guided transfer upgrade does not change what I stated above.

    Think about it please and you will comprehend the big picture.

    There is no Reader in installs. Staff cannot transfer followers from the Reader into thin air. It’s technically impossible to transfer those followers. Only email subscribers can be transferred.


    We are well aware of how unlikely it seems, which is why we posted here instead of just buying the Guided Transfer. Unfortunately, we actually do need hear from someone who has paid for the transfer and had their own experience with it before we make a decision. There’s still the matter of what they said on their own Q&A page.. But thanks for your help! :)



    @colsonandsarah and @tiffanyimitchell, email followers are certainly transferred as well as anyone following your RSS feed (if you have a custom domain at or if you set up a Site Redirect post-transfer). readers are not transferred as there isn’t an equivalent on the self hosted side to transfer to unfortunately.

    I’ve updated the support document. Thanks for pointing the ambiguity there out!

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