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    Hello – I haven’t heard back from the Happiness Engineers about this, but am I right that the Guided Transfer isn’t truly ‘transparent to viewers’ as described? I’m in the middle of a transfer and have no website now due to the error ‘too many redirects occurred’. Needless to say, that isn’t exactly transparent and I’m not really feeling the happiness right now. I just want to make sure this is normal and that everyone loses their website completely for up to 72 hours. Is there any way to have my old site up while the new self-hosted one is propagating?

    The blog I need help with is



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    Thank you – I decided to cancel the transfer and would like to request a refund. Unfortunately on top of the website being inactive, the theme isn’t transferring as it should either due to the post slider not working.



    I’m very sorry the Guided Transfer didn’t work out for you. It should indeed be transparent to your visitors.

    Since you are already in communication with Hew, he will make any necessary arrangements with you directly.


    great – thank you


    Can you help me have my Custom Design add-on reinstated? It’s paid for, but I had it removed for the Guided Transfer. Thank you!



    Sure – all done!



    For clarification, the goal of the Guided Transfer service is to create an exact or near exact copy of your site on the new host. A transfer isn’t complete until we have that.

    While the DNS is updating, it won’t matter which copy your users see, so long as one copy hasn’t been significantly changed. This is the transparency we advertise. If changes are made to one site or the other after the transfer is complete, users will likely notice that.

    I hope that explanation helps — cheers!

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