Guided Transfer and themes (specifically structure)

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    I’m thinking of purchasing a “guided transfer” for my wordpress blog. I really love the theme I have now (structure) and I’m hoping to keep it when/if I transfer. My question is, will I have to purchase the theme since I’ll no longer be under the umbrella of or will the transfer include the theme?

    Also, if it is free, which is what I assume. How could I upgrade to the premium version of the theme. Would I pay the creators and put them in contact with the wordpress staff? Would I have to upgrade the thing myself? Or would wordpress take care of those details and just charge me the extra amount for the premium?

    Thanks in advance.

    My Blog is:

    The blog I need help with is


    You will have to use the self-hosted version of Structure.


    If you do the guided transfer, then your site will no longer be hosted here at worpdress.COM. At that point you have to get themes and such either from the or by getting them direct from the theme author. Premium themes here cannot be used on self-hosted sites since they have been modified to work with the software and unique features here.

    You will have to talk with staff about whether they will install your theme or not. I expect they would.

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