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    We want to migrate our blog to self-host.
    And we want to keep everything exactly the same.
    We tried our best but apparently the Theme Chateau on doesn’t behave exactly the same as it is in

    Will Guided Transfer able to help us with this? Meaning the data, features, and theme mirror exactly the same and not merely look alike only?


    The blog I need help with is



    No, there are differences in the theme as you’ve already noticed. The theme itself is not exported. A transfer will move over the actual contents of the blog, but blogs do work differently from blogs. The Jetpack plugin helps somewhat, but differences are unavoidable.


    Thanks raincoaster,

    However, we still need help to port over the same look and feel.
    Is there anyway to keep the header the same?

    Here sample of demo site with Chateau theme. The header seems off.

    Is there anyway encounter the same issue with this Theme?



    Hi Capelle, Raincoaster,

    To clear up any confusion: yes, the version of the theme is exported and reconfigured at the self-hosted destination during a Guided Transfer.

    The Guided Transfer attempts (and usually comes very very close) to mimicking the look and feel for However, there are not always direct equivalents of certain features on the self-hosted side, so an exact reproduction of the site can never be guaranteed. We do our absolute best.

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