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Guided Transfer; I think it happened, but no communication from you

  1. Hi - can you let me know what's going on? It's been over 48 hours since it began and I haven't heard anything. It looks like my site is offline at, and I'm getting emails to moderate comments but I didn't get that email telling me the transfer is complete.

    I cannot access my dashboard on Not to sound silly, but I paid for the transfer because I am a tech butterfingers and really need my hand held. What's next?


    P.S. Not sure if I should be communicating here or in email, but haven't heard back on my previous two emails so thought I would try here

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Not to worry and yes you ought to be communicating by email. However, Staff deal with support requests by addressing the earliest dated one first. If you keep contacting them on the same issue you keep moving the date forward and it takes longer to receive an answer.

  3. Thanks Timethief. I've been contacting them by email thru the last correspondence they have with me and then building on that.

    Are you politely telling me I should sit tight and be patient?:)

    Appreciate the response

  4. Yes.

  5. I see an email from Hew, one of our Guided Transfer Happiness Engineers, sent to you on December 7 to let you know that the transfer was completed, and including all the relevant details, such as your new username and password. It sounds like you may not have received that email.

    Given that your email follow-ups came in over the weekend, you should hear back from Hew some time today or tomorrow - sounds like he may need to resend that confirmation email.

  6. Thanks. I did not recieve an email from Hew on 12/7 with any details, but did just get something from Mike a few minutes ago. Hopefully this should do the trick

  7. Great, glad things are back on track.

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