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    I’m giving strong consideration to moving to for a number of reasons. I’ve been very happy with, but want to harness the flexibility of

    I’m not confident I can move my entire site on my own, however. If this happens, it will be with the assistance of a happiness engineer and the Guided Transfer service.

    I’ve read the page on the guided transfer process, but there are still several things that are not clear to me.

    First, I assume I need to make a contract with a host and register a domain before doing anything, correct?

    Second, on the guided transfer page, the following is stated:

    Transferring over your entire site.*

    *emphasis added

    But on the Recommended Web Hosting page, there is the following:

    one of our Happiness Engineers will walk you through every step of bringing every post and comment from your blog onto one of the hand-picked hosts below.*

    *emphasis added

    By “entire” in the first instance, I assume they mean all my media, too. But from the second I can’t tell if by “posts and comments” they mean the transfer will include all my images, links, text widgets, etc.

    When WP says entire, do they really mean everything, or will I lose content in this process? Do they really mean “most”? And if so, what exactly will I lose?

    My third question is about the installation. Will they install WP to the directory of my choosing? I want the installation in the root directory of my (potentially) new site, not or anything else along those lines.

    Finally, and this is for experienced users more than the WP happiness engineers, can someone give me any reasons why I should chose Host Gator over DreamHost, or vice versa?

    Thanks for taking the time to read my post, and I look forward to reading the responses.

    The blog I need help with is



    Bit of a WordPress noob. Used it last year for a couple months and installed it today on one of my hosts for a new site I’m revamping but I am an experienced web programmer and I’ve been hacking up wordpress theme source code since my install this morning and I’ve gotten pretty familiar with it. I’m not sure about what service your trying to use but it seems like a simple thing to do.

    In your admin panel, their is a “Tools” category and an “Export” tool there. This will downloads all your content into XML format. If you already have hosting for your new wordpress site, most hosting CPanels have a WordPress installer and you can tell it what directory to install to. Hostgator is a good, simple host to use if you don’t have one already.

    Once WordPress is installed, follow the same steps: “Tools” then “Import” this time and select the XML file you “Exported” earlier. Then all that is left is the domain and your good to go.


    Thanks for the reply, turbodr3ams. That’s the do-it-yourself route, and I considered trying that; but I’m still learning too many things about web development, and don’t want to risk messing something up in the process.

    Also, I’ve looked into the export function, but from what I understand it won’t transfer my images from the .org folder and place them where they’re supposed to go in the new .com folder; it will just transfer the hrefs to the images, not the images themselves.

    The WP Guided Transfer also includes a number of other services that will help me immensely with this process, including:

    Installing the WordPress software at the recommended host of your choice.
    Transferring over your entire site.
    Installing and configuring Jetpack and a few other plugins to provide features that you have been using on
    Configuring and testing permissions so that you’ll be able to have one-click installs and upgrades.
    Switching your domain(s) over.
    Providing full support for you on your new WordPress installation for a two week period.



    Hi underthemountain!

    Yes, we will move all of your images, posts, comments, etc, and as many widgets as we can (some widgets such as the Email Subscription widget do not have a direct counterpart on the self-hosted side).

    We’d be happy to install it to the root of your account (or elsewhere). That’s not a problem. We’re on a short hiatus at the moment, but Guided Transfers will be available for purchase again within the store starting Wednesday (Oct 26th).



    I used the guided transfer and it has been six days since a “happiness engineer” has helped me and the two-week window of help is up or coming up. So far the advice they’ve given hasn’t been that great. and I’ve found out how to do things (like install a banner ad) through trial and error editing the CSS of each section. However, I screwed up my sidebar somehow and have been waiting for these so-called “happiness engineers” to help me set it back to the way it was and no one has gotten back to me. This was my last resort. I wouldn’t exactly call them Happiness Engineers because I am quite unhappy.



    Hi bloggains, you have mail.


    i need some answers…. but i m not perfect in english..i will try to talk with you.
    I have a blog..
    i want to transfer my blog to my own domain like with self hosting……( to
    plz tell me wat effect will come to blog visitor…….they will transfer to my new domain or ?
    how much cost of this process…( transfer + my own domain)
    and wat about google indexing



    You will lose all your google pagerank when you change URLs, whether you stay here or are hosted elsewhere. You start again from zero.


    thanx for reply raincoaster,

    plz tell me about cost of this post



    Sorry for mistyped … cost of this process

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