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Guided Transfer vs DIY Transfer and Stats

  1. I'm somewhat confused by what I've been finding in my searching for answers. Over on the guided transfer page, in the FAQ, it says, "I love my stats. Will they transfer?" (Answer: Yep!)

    Now, when I'm searching for answers on how to move the stats, virtually everything I have read says, "you can't."

    So, the question is, which is true? Do the Happiness Engineers do something special for the people who pay to have their blog moved?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Yes, the Happiness Engineers do something special for people who pay them a hundred bucks, but you can set your stats to "begin" at any arbitrary number you like if you use one of the many stat counters that does that. This info applies only to the stats from Jetpack.

  3. Could you suggest some plugins, or search terms to find one?

  4. Raincoaster, that's not very generous. Haven't we earned the benefit of the doubt?

    @scbritton, stats migration is a new development. Guided Transfer tends to be at the forefront of rolling out such efforts, which is why you only see it in that documentation. Contact general support once you are moved over and we'll get you fixed up.

  5. Are you saying that when someone transfers themselves they can start their jetpack stats at the level of the old blog? Because I'm not seeing that, if it is the case. I wasn't trying to cast aspersions, I was trying to say there's a reason you charge for this, and that the guided transfer does indeed supply services you can't replicate yourself. If that's not the case, do tell.

  6. Fair enough. Guided Transfer makes the process easier, but everything we do can be done with the normal Tools->Export/Import process (coupled with some grunt work on theme options, etc).

    Subscription migration and stats migration are not self-service at the present time, but we are happy to assist anyone who gets in touch with us in support.

  7. Okay, this may sound like a weird question, but is "general support" this forum? I have been to the Support page and wound back up here.

  8. Yes, it is.

  9. @scbritton, right now the Happiness team is in the middle of their annual meetup. When they get back (next week), you will also have an option to contact them directly via the contact form off the support site.

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