Gujarati language characters appear as junk characters in emailposts to follower

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    Gujarati language characters appear fine on the blog posts. However the same get corrupted and appear as junk characters in the emails of post sent to blog followers. I did not face this problem for last 5 months. But have been facing this problem from last week.

    Tried posting couple of posts, but on both occasions the gujarati fonts changed to junk characters in the post emails sent to email followers.

    Kindly help as I am unable to add new posts on my blog
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is


    I am stuck because of the problem described in my earlier post on this topic.

    Can somebody help me please.



    Hi there,
    This thread is flagged for Staff attention.


    Thanks. I will appreciate an early resolution to this problem.

    In the meantime, is there a way for me to publish posts on my blog but not send the posts vide email to my blog followers.

    What I mean is “Can I temporarily stop the blog post being emailed to my blog followers and switch them on again when the problem is resolved?”


    Hi. I have posted this problem almost 3 weeks back. I will very much appreciate if I can get a resolution to this problem.

    Because of no resolution to the problem faced, i am unable to add posts as my email recipients are getting junk character emails.

    Look forward to a early response.

    Warm Regards.



    Hi there, thank you for the report, and sorry for the late response. Could you please upload a screenshot of how the scrambled posts look in your email client? Does it happen in all email clients, or just some of them?

    A workaround in the meantime, I suggest that you use the More Tag to email a short excerpt (in English) with a link to read more in Gujarati on your blog.


    Dear Jenia,

    How can I upload screenshot images so that you can view them?



    You can upload them into your Media Library (in your dashboard, visit Media > Add New). Here are more tips about making screenshots:


    Dear Jenia,

    I tried to post couple of times yesterday after a long gap presuming that the problem face by me would have been solved by now.

    For the 1st post that I posted, the email to blog followers received was alright. It displayed gujarati characters correctly.

    I have pasted below the link to the email received in yahoo web mail.

    So I decided to put in one more post. But this time, the post email to the blog followers was garbled. Gujarati language characters appeared as junk characters just like two months back when I had raised a request for help.
    I have pasted below the link to the email received in yahoo web mail.

    My blog followers are getting irritated as they keep getting junk characters in their emails instead of gujarati characters.

    The posts appear perfect on the blog pages.

    I sincerely urge you to help me by resolving this problem on SOS basis.



    Thanks for providing the additional details, and I can imagine how frustrating this can be. Could you please let me know which email clients are the screenshots from? Do you readers report this issue in all email clients, or just some of them?



    I even have the same problem…
    I wanted to post one post from but it makes all words as ??????.

    When I do copy past it shows me as it is in Gujarati, but when I publish it becomes ??????
    See at



    Hi Viral, the blog you linked to is a self-hosted WordPress blog. We only support blogs on WordPress.COM here. Please refer to the support here:

    Sorry I was not able to help more.

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