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Gun control

  1. countrygirl3838

    Concerning the 13 people killed in a shooting at an immigrant community center in NY. As usual this brings calls for gun control from many people. Now I agree that these deaths are tragic, but I wonder if those who are advocating gun control are really concerned about peoples lives or are they just interested in making noise about the matter?

    Many of the comments I have read are a good example of false or misplaced concern. This misplaced concern is like the man who is fussing about a small grass fire in his yard while he is completely oblivious to the fact that his house is totally engulfed in flames and burning down behind his back. Why do I say this? Because, on that same day, and in addition to the 13 people killed in NY, there were also 4,000 innocent child murdered in America’s abortion clinics.

    Based on the usual proposals to outlaw guns, should we not also outlaw the knives & forceps that the abortionist uses to rip, piece by piece, the baby out of it's mothers womb, or shouldn't we outlaw the suction machine that is used to suck the brains out of a baby's head during a partial-birth abortion?

    What we need to do is bring back morality to America. People make the decision to kill – the instrument they choose is irrelevant. The 13 people in NY are just as dead as the 4,000 babies who died on that same day.

    The greatest evil in America today is abortion, and the biggest supporter of this evil is living in the White House for the next four years, not far from where the equally guilty democrats work, on Capital hill See:

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