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Guy, Girl and Other Girl (and i need blog buddies too, by the way ^_^)

  1. halfblotprincess

    Guy and Girl are friends.

    Girl likes Guy, but Guy doesn't know about it.

    Girl doesn't know if Guy feels the same about her.

    Girl wants to let Guy know her feelings, but doesn't want to sound or be too obvious.

    How will she do it?

    Also, there's the Other Girl, who seems to like Guy as well.

    Girl thinks Other Girl is her competition.

    Girl haven't met Other Girl Yet.

    The catch? Guy, Girl and the Other Girl would meet soon. Guy wants Girl to meet the Other Girl.

    What should Girl do?

    Help.Girl's countdown begins. X(

    The blog I need help with is

  2. be straight and tell him that you like him and what comes of it should be the truth. whether guy likes other girl or likes girl. well that's my opinion!

  3. girl forgets guy and goes for other girl instead.

  4. halfblotprincess

    @xa0298: i think that's what Girl wants to do. However, she lacks the confidence needed to come clean with her feelings.

    @grrrawr: now that's one sad love story. *sigh*

  5. lol not sad. interesting plot twist...

  6. halfblotprincess

    hmmm, can be. Girl can work her ass just to have Guy notice her. But what makes thing even more complicated? Guy's a flirt. He has a feeling that Other Girl has a crush on him. Gah. I don't know how this story would end. :))

  7. Girl should beware of guys who are a flirt, girl goes out and finds another guy to have a crush on =D

  8. halfblotprincess

    Nice =) But how should Girl deal with Other Girl? Girl is nervous that when she meets Guy and Other Girl on Sunday for coffee, she might see that Guy somehow likes Other Girl too. :/ Call Girl selfish, but who would want to have competition this early, right?

  9. is Other Girl a friend... or just another girl??
    Girl isnt selfish. Girl can use the competition to her advantage on Sunday. Girl should be confidant, and pay equal attention to both Guy and Other Girl. Perhaps more attention to Other Girl even.

  10. halfblotprincess

    Other Girl is a friend. That's the catch. Guy sees Other Girl more often than Girl. Guy just regularly talks to Girl on the phone. But he and Other Girl spend time with each other regularly. That's the edge of Other Girl. So Girl is majorly worried. :(

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