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H1, H2, H3 whatever it takes??

  1. Trying to make my blogs a little more eye appealing with images, videos, and header tags.
    Having a slight dilemma- I started with an h3 tag on the sub head but the text was the same size as the title, so I switched to h2 tags and nothing changed. I'm now at h1 and it's still the same size as the title text. What am I missing?
    (Yes I used closing tags. and I do know how to code in html.)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Can we get a link to a post where this is happening?

  3. Yes but it's currently password protected awaiting approval from the subject of the blog.
    Guess you can't do much with that.
    Should be unlocked soon.

  4. heading sizes actually get smaller with the greater the number.
    <h4> text </h4> or <h5> text <.5>

    you can also use the "big" tag in th HTML editor to increase text size

    <big> your larger text here </big>

  5. oops should say:
    <h5> text </h5>
    for small header text

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