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H1 tags in 2010 theme

  1. I'm trying to determine whether my blog's 2010 theme wraps H1 tags around my post titles or not.

    Or does it wrap H1 tags around the blog title, then H2 tags around the post title?

    I need to know so I can decide which H tags to start my post titles with.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. 2010 uses h2 tags for the post titles.
    But I don't understand your 3rd paragraph: on you can't change the HTML of the blog.

  3. Sorry. What I meant by the third paragraph, was that I wasn't sure whether I should start the first title of my post with a H2 tag or a H3 tag.

    I guess the answer to that based on your reply would be a H3 tag?

  4. Oh, I see, you meant headings in the content of a post.
    So, the answer to that is it doesn't really matter. Visually, the h2 of the post title is different than an h2 in the content of the post anyway (the latter is larger but different font and regular instead of bold).

  5. Okay. I'm a little confused now. If 2010 uses h2 for the post title what does it use h1 for?

    I've been informed that a h1 tag should only be used once in a post and that, generally speaking, h tags should be used in order.

    If I used a h1 for my first heading in the content of a post, wouldn't that be bad practice (considering the post title is wrapped in h2 tags)?

  6. 1) 2010 uses h1 for the blog title only.
    2) "I've been informed that a h1 tag should only be used once in a post". The advice you'll usually hear is only once in a webpage (for instance your whole blog front). But this doesn't apply to the rigorously structured HTML that WP uses (so several themes use h1 for the blog title as well as the post titles or even the widget titles).
    3) Much of this stuff about h tags is largely myths of little or no importance. See Matt Cutts of Google here:

    So, the important thing is not to abuse these tags (say, by using eighty h tags in a post or by enclosing ten lines of text in an h tag), and to use them logically, if and when you need them. If you write a very long blog that contains sections and subsections, and each section/subsection needs its own title/subtitle, you can use hn for the titles and hn+1 for the subtitles. And never use h tags just to make some text large or bold or colored.

  7. Ah Right. Allot less confused now. Thanks for the help, it is much appreciated.

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