Ha desaparecido todo

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    No se que paso pero mi blog ahora no se ven ni mis mensajes ni mis paginas ni nada vuelve a estar como al inicio ya me paso una vez pero a los 15 minutos se resolvio pero ahora lleva varias horas así ¿que ago?



    Translation: That step but my blog now sees neither my messages nor my paginas nor nothing becomes to be as to the beginning or I pass me once but to the 15 minutes resolvio but now has been several hours so ago?

    Are there any Spanish speakers on the forum who would like to take a run at this please?



    The user is saying he can’t see the contents of his blog. This happened once before and was solved, but just happened again.

    rollerman, no te suena que hayas hecho nada en especial? En este momento se ve tu blog bien…

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