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    My blog has been moved to another account by a hacker.
    I have my askimet code.
    Where I can send it to?
    My blog is stylecrumb.wordpress.com
    Blog url: http://www.stylecrumb.wordpress.com



    You will need to work with the staff on this – I will flag this for staff attention – in the mean time look at some of the steps below to help you

    The only “hacked” sites I have seen here have been people getting the password somehow to a site so you do want to be careful how you log in and use a tough password.

    You should also check to make sure that someone has not added a new user to your site. Problems have also happened when there was more than one Admin. and an Admin left on less than graceful terms.

    Dashboard >> Users

    There have also been a few Posts on “hacked” sites and it was because someone got the Post by Email address and using the Post by Email to send in new Posts, if you have Post by email disable the Post by Email and regenerate the address. Spammers have scripts the generate email addresses and they sometimes can get a valid address for a Post by Email address.

    If you are really concerned you could as the staff to look at your site: http://en.support.wordpress.com/contact/

    You could also use a secure log-in in case you are on an unsecured link: http://en.support.wordpress.com/https/



    We were already working with you on this via email. Would you please reply to our most recent email if you do have the correct API key?



    Yes I know, but those are my other two blogs on another account. I have given up on the other two blogs but yesterday my third blog was taken over by another account. Could you resend me the email? Thanks!



    I just received a reply via email from you and have sent a reply to it. Let’s continue via email.

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