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  1. I checked my stats page today, and under "CLICKS - Your visitors clicked these links on your blog", there was the URL, which has absolutely nothing to do with my blog. Have I been hacked? Is someone using my blog to direct traffic to their web site?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. No. It's probable that that click came from the Adsense that itself occasionally runs on blogs that don't have the Ad-Free upgrade.

  3. Most likely it came from the related posts feature, which displays links to other blogs and sites.

  4. @ mrbisogno when I click on your username Google chrome shows me a red warning page that your site is harmful for my computer because your site is hosting malware.

  5. Me as well, t3ck. I don't know what's going on. @Mrbisogno, did you add any recent widgets or other media that might be construed as unusual?

  6. The site is self-hosted - the one linked to his username and ismyblogworking reports it is definitely broken

    If you google the URL and then click on the link to the site, the warning page comes up and you can then click on google's diagnostic page to see the issues, and from the looks of things I would most definitely NOT go to that site. It appears seriously infected with all sorts of nasty things.

  7. Thanks.

    Dude, when you move off, you are responsible for your own site.

  8. Actually the site linked to his username may not be a blog at all.

  9. mrbisogno does have a blog and it's fine. I assumed that's what his question was about. has most definitely been hacked. Probably twice, in fact.

  10. I was informed by Google and Yahoo that my had been hacked and there were four trojans on my sight. I immediately deleted the whole site from my server. I scanned my site residing on my hard drive for viruses and found none. I reinstalled the clean version onto the server. I did my part. The least Google could do is remove the warnings, but so far they have not. They're trying to put me out of business I guess.

    Anyway, that's why I got a little paranoid about my blog being hacked.


  11. thesacredpath,

    How does a blog get broken?

    As far as I can tell, everything is working fine.

    How do you fix a broken blog?


  12. thesacredpath,

    This page, is interesting but I'm not getting it at all. is my web site. Maybe that's why it doesn't look like a blog? is my blog.

    Perhaps you can enlighten me. Thanks.


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