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Hacked Account

  1. Hi,
    My friend's account was hacked, any tips on how to get it back?

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  4. lorrainehollowaywhite

    I think I may have been hacked as there are now strange links on my blog posts, header and even in my dashboard pages etc. What can I do about it please?
    This is my site

  5. Have you been posting by phone or by email? Are you using a Chrome browser?

  6. lorrainehollowaywhite

    yes, I always use Google Chrome and it's only happened since I got my new laptop three days ago. I read e-mails on my phone, but nothing else

  7. lorrainehollowaywhite

    see. it's even done it in that above post to you

  8. I have seen what seems to be problems with Plug-in's in a persons browser - did not save the links - the advice was to disable all add in things in a browser and enable them one at a time to see which one was the problem - @askamedium I see no links in your 2:17 pm post above.

  9. lorrainehollowaywhite

    You don't? It's the word 'read' in I read e-mails. It has a link and is in blue. When you hover over it it shows an ad for winning an iphone

  10. I read e-mails

    There is no link visible for me in your 2:17 pm post above.

  11. lorrainehollowaywhite

    does that mean only I can see them in my posts on the blog as well then? If so, what do you think the problem is? Have I been hacked do you think or is it something else? Thanks for taking the time by the way x

  12. @askmedium ... we don't see these links. Only you see them. A plug-in your browser is running is adding them to all the content your browser is fetching from various websites.

    Where did you buy this laptop? If it is already used, that explains it. Did you get the software install disks with it? It sounds like you need to erase the entire disk, then install the original system fresh. But maybe removing the offending plug-in will be sufficient.

  13. lorrainehollowaywhite

    It's a Dell that I bought on-line and is meant to be new!!

  14. lorrainehollowaywhite

    oh and there were no disks but Google Chrome was downloaded. I used that before though with no problems.

  15. Do you have other web browsers you can try for comparison? Explorer? Firefox? A trial version of Opera?

    Look in your existing Chrome browser for where plug-ins might be managed (I don't have Chrome so I cannot guide you inside it). Any that look suspicious should be removed or deactivated. If there is a deactivate, try deactivating them all.

    Do you see any effects like these links in other laptop applications?

  16. lorrainehollowaywhite

    Thank you. I'll just get rid of Google Chrome it's easier. Thanks for taking the time to explain. These darned things are even showing up in all the posts here, yours included.

  17. I would not put it past Dell to include a plug-in like this as part the programs most PC/laptop/netbook makers do to get extra revenue streams to help them compete against other makers that don't do as much. My father bought an Acer laptop and it was just full of annoying stuff like that. His prior experience online was with my Linux computers, so he eventually asked me if it was possible to use Linux on his laptop. He's had no problems since I put Ubuntu on there (but he only uses it for web surfing and email ... no other applications).

  18. Did you download Chrome directly from Google? If yes, then I might assume they did it. I'll have to check it out sometime (safely on a spare computer) and see what they are doing. If you downloaded Chrome from somewhere else, try getting it from Google directly.

  19. I agree with motre. If Dell is including this horrendous add-on in its machines, that would explain the number of these reports we're getting.

    Chrome is not a bad browser, but you'd be well advised to switch to Firefox or something, then get rid of chrome, then re-install it fresh. That way it won't have those crap add-ons.

  20. lorrainehollowaywhite

    I got it direct from Google and never had a problem ever with them. I just uninstalled it and re-installed and the problem is still there. I think this is a problem with what's already in this darned laptop. They have no right to do that. I've a good mind to send it back and buy something different if it is them. I'll contact the supplier first thing and check. Thanks

  21. Then it seems like that laptop has the plug-in ... or it may be in the form of some other mechanism that has taken over the DLL that renders text. If it were me, I'd be hard-wiping the disk and re-installing the OS back from known good disks. Dell is likely to charge you for disks. If you have a Windows license KEY, it MAY work even with regular Windows disks you borrow from someone else.

    Otherwise I recommend Linux (because I'm involved in the community ... and we use Linux for everything but accounting at work ... and the accounting machine is not allowed on the internet).

  22. lorrainehollowaywhite

    Thank you so much. I have written to them and will see what they say in the morning. Total pain isn't it?

  23. Linux is okay. It's somewhat limited though, as many programs you'll want to run don't come in Linux versions yet. I'm running it now.

  24. Yeah, we've seen reports of this, and so far it's been a variety of browser add-ons or extensions. If you disable them all, you can re-enable each on individually until you find the culprit.

    raincoaster, which distro are you running?

  25. Ubuntu 12.04 LTS is what I just downloaded. What I hate particularly is that it will not run TweetDeck. There's a workaround, but it results in something that goes "BLAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!" every time you get an update, and when you're following nearly 10,000 people, that's every few seconds. It also won't update after you get an @, so you have to restart it every sixty seconds or so. I cannot stress hard enough how much that's affected my ability to do my actual job, which is at least in part cool-hunting on twitter.

  26. Ah, I've been thinking about dipping back into Linux via Ubuntu. Shame about TweetDeck though. :/

  27. I just updated and now several things are wrong. DO NOT UPDATE. Ugh.

  28. Yes, Linux has limitations, though its mostly due to the apps not choosing to support running on Linux. One option a friend (who needs Windows) has done is Windows in a VM that is full screened to one monitor in a 2 monitor setup. But ordinary people just need one or the other.

    FYI, Xubuntu 12.04, Ubuntu 10.10, and Slackware 13.37 here.

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