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Hacked blog

  1. How do you know if you blog has been hacked? I can't access my blog, every time I try to log on it says my server is down. I can log on to, but can not access anything related to my blog specifically i.e. drafts, comments, etc

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Your blog is still there... the last post was on April 24. Click here, and see what happens:

  3. I am having exactly the same problem today -- I can log on to wordpress no problem, but my blog itself will not appear. My ISP displays an error message stating that they cannot find the site. Any ideas?

  4. Yours is an EXTREMELY slowly-loading site. I suggest you disable Infinite Scroll and set it to something like six posts maximum. That should help; it's possible the connection is choking on all the images.

  5. HELP! Page 31 of my blog Bent Cops and other Scum has been hacked. I am able to edit every other page except 31 which comes up blank if I click edit page. Cheers Jac.

  6. No help as yet wordpress? I think ,maybe the cops or the subject of the page have contacted WordPress and induced them to lock the page. I hope I'm mistaken.

  7. @bent - the URL linked to your name is not even registered - we need the Address of the blog you need help with to even think about helping you.

    See also:

  8. Is this it auxclass? I had a look at the disputes/legal guidelines and I asked them why I am not able to post on page 31. Cheers Jac.

  9. Disputes on Terms of Service and not being able to Post need to be handled with the TOS group -

    On another issue - your blog is very slow to load and your Posts are long and many of them - my suggestion is to use the More Tag to shorten the way the Posts are displayed on the front page show no more than a paragraph or two then the More Tag - that will make your site easier to read and visitors will not be so confused

  10. OK auxclass, thanks for your help.

  11. You be welcome

    WordPress.COM believes in freedom of speech - see below - sorry I forgot the link the first time

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