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    Someone has hacked by blog, pulling all of the emails out of comments. I have changed my password but I am not allowed to change my login name because I am told I don’t have enough priviledges. I have tried to invite myself as an administrator but it will not allow me.

    I need to do this to ensure the security of my blog. I cannot delete this blog unless you have some arrangement with Google that will preserve my search rankings.

    The blog I need help with is toulousestreet.wordpress.com.



    Change your password and change your EMAIL password as well. This happens increasingly with sites that have Post By Email enabled.



    I see a few deleted posts about 15 hours ago under your account, otherwise I don’t see anything suspicious.

    How do you know that the emails were taken from comments in your Dashboard? I’m not doubting the possibility that it could happen, but that would be quite a chore.



    I think this was hacked because there were three spam posts in my RSS feed along with a broadcast email including most of my commenters.

    I’ve changed my password but WP tells me I don’t have priviledges to change my login name. I’ afraid to logout because if WP just tells me to get another blog I’m going to lose some good Google positioning on a few keys. (Hell, ToulouseStreet.net now ranks above the Doobie Brothers).

    I’m going to disable post by mail as another user suggested and make a friend admin and then try to change my name.



    Changing your name is not the issue – making sure you have a strong new password is the issue – also you have disabled post by email so there should be no way for posts to happen unless you do them yourself



    The three posts you’re referring to were definitely submitted via your post by email address.

    At this point, it definitely sounds like your email was hacked, not your blog.

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