HACKED BY F34RL355 ? I guess?

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    While doing a search for my wordpress name on Bekko. (Yeah. I do that. I’m blushing.) I came across this result at:


    I guess it’s supposed to be a list of sites hacked by this particular hacker including several WordPress blogs, but I have no idea why it’s posted where it is. There doesn’t appear to be any discussion about it.

    The line referring to my blog reads:

    http://oddvincent.wordpress.com/2008/02/25/the-wire-season-5 -episode-8-spoilers/ Result: chosen nickname “guaffolurrify”;sent;

    I have no idea what that means. I haven’t noticed any problems with my account, but I had pretty much abandoned it til recently. Anyway, I changed my password to something stronger just to be safe.

    Sorry if this is a non-issue. Just wondering.

    The blog I need help with is oddvincent.wordpress.com.



    Oh. Sorry. That should be Blekko. Blushing again.



    Report it to staff via your dashboard help button, but from the look of your blog it seems to be meaningless boasting. I’d guess he tried to leave a comment, but it probably contained code and got sent to spam instead. Staff will be able to clarify.


    The likelihood of a wordpress.com blog being hacked is so close to zero as to be non-existent really. The only possible weak point is passwords and you’ve changed that, but also, change the password for your email account that is associated with your blog here and again make it a strong one, and not the same as the one used on your blog.



    Okay. Thanks for the information.


    You’re welcome.

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