Hacked by Psychotic CyberTerrorist five Times thank you

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    Five times, bir, ici so forth, WordPress did nothing. This Sociopath hacked into my G1 phone made up other names, changed my articles and used sick garbage full of apathetic egregious hateful ilk to spew. I saw your little 4 WOW comments from a wee one darn but hers was lickety split resolved. As a non- profit blogger for Veterans for Peace, Iraq Veterans Against War and any and all Violators of the Constitution, UN Charter, Geneva Conventions CAT3 Torture Article, pro-peace Activist and you ignore this! Buzzflash, Op-Ed News, RealNews, Obamas Editor, NBC News and many follow my Blogs yet I s’pose you call back to that old adage, “Any Press is Good Press” which indeed makes WordPress Complicit! Out of the Blue o get a notice that my Blog is to be suspended, WHY?, oh now you ask! I was informed that “The Blog”[apparently morphing into human characteristics]was predatory in attacks on others Blogs. Great job WordPress an USAF Honorably Disabled Discharged Vet, 75-77, Mom of two daughters that committed her life to raising money for IVAW, VFP, VVAW, VAT/Squadron13, FreeGaza, ACLU, ccrjustice and many more is being harrassed for humanity, nice diddy, yeah?
    I’ll make sure when I post my International email to mention all the above.
    Rhoda “Hacked by Psychotic Chris Weaver of Propublica.org Repeatedly” Ozen

    This Sociopath has terrorized my girls and the FBI laughed in my face and hung up the Phone<\a>

    The blog I need help with is rhoda1956.wordpress.com.



    I would laugh in your face, too. I’m doing it right now, actually. I don’t suppose you’ve changed your password on the blog? Nah.



    So.. you want WordPress to stop your phone from being hacked?



    (insert horrible, pale-faced :wtf: smiley here!)




    Their ‘About Page’ is password protected and every element of their sidebar is repeated three times. This could be the loudest cry for help I’ve heard in a long, long time. Does this mean she’ll be leaving for Blogger now?



    I hear you can run Adsense there!


    I blame the Republicans.



    aha… I believe, if you take out the tangents, Rhoda is concerned that someone from WordPress broke into her blog and rearranged some material.

    She was a little more coherent commenting on her current problem on an ACLU post, **back on February 3, 2009**…

    Then we have WordPress.com and .org, yesterday they mabipulated my links went into my Blogs rearranged media, messed with passwords. Why? Because journalists are referring to “EXTRAORDINARY” Renditions as Rendition, 2 different things. [snip] No matter how many deeplinks I researc and find they, these supposed Truthful sites screw with your data, violating my First and Fourth, [Amendments]

    This cry for help goes back in time.



    Please show some compassion.
    Its easy to spot when someone is struggling with reality.
    Long posts with lots of names is a dead give-away.



    I have compassion for the insane. I don’t have much, it must be admitted, for the obnoxious and hostile. It is possible to be one without the other.

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