Hacked? Comparing revisions sent me to page called "danger."

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    Blog security issue. I was prompted to compare revisions of my blog. I didn’t think I made revisions, just went to ‘edit’ in order to collect the short link. Then I was redirected to a black page, it displayed a an animated countdown, then “Welcome to the Matrix,
    then: you’ve gone down the rabbit hole”
    Final page read: Dont let this happen again.Return.
    I have a screenshot. Running OSX on a Mac.
    I did search forums re: hacking. Went in checked that I am the only authorized use.
    blog is https://illustrationconcentration.wordpress.com/
    The address displayed during the hijack added this line after the forward slash in the line above
    any advice Thanks.
    Blog url: http://illustrationconcentration.wordpress.com/

    The blog I need help with is illustrationconcentration.wordpress.com.



    Nope, no hacking going on there – you’ve found an Easter egg put in by the WordPress developers.

    What happened is that you compared a post revision to itself, so there aren’t any revisions to show. This is just our way to have a little bit of fun, and to teach you that you can’t compare something to itself without causing some havoc. :)


    Thanks, I guess.
    I appreciate the info and I realize you are just the messenger.

    Very peculiar way to have fun. Seems the WordPress development team might at the end of the “countdown 3.2,1,/MATRIX/rabbithole” sequence reveal that the alarming script is actually an Easter Egg. Maybe if I hit the back button I would have gotten there, but I was truly alarmed.

    The unexpected WordPress experience ruined my morning, I felt like my Mac had been hijacked and it stopped me from posting the post.



    Just had the same experience when I was promoted to check an autosave. I have a very good sense of humour, but I’m afraid it doesn’t extend this far, this was really terrifying and just wasted time Googling for a solution. I’m trying to encourage people who are not very IT literate to use WordPress as I think it’s such a great platform, but this sort of thing is the best way to turn people away.


    Good point. I was in a panic. I changed my password. So much of my WordPress experience has been wonderful, so I will take this joke at my expense in stride, this time.



    The same happened to me. This is a very bad joke. I would appreciate it if WordPress team took this down and avoided such fun at the user’s expense in the future.


    Glad that I posted about my experience, now other WordPress users can at least find this out if they use the ‘rabbit hole/ Matrix’ search terms.. Seems misguided WordPress “happiness engineers” are engineering a bit of panic.

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