Hacked – From index page at host to blogs at site

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    The words “Hacked by hacker” replaced the main page at my site, and on the index page in main directory at the host provider. The same words replace the 13 lengthy blogs the site.

    Am I looking at changing something in the codes for the blogs at the site, or am I looking at scratching the site and restarting? The latter option seems devastating after the work put into the site over the past year. The blogs include multiple video clips, 1 page of paid memberships and another page for selling a product.

    Any comments?

    The blog I need help with is empathechanneller.wordpress.com.



    What is the address of the site that was hacked?

    It sounds like you might be referring to a self-hosted WordPress.org site, not your site hosted here at WordPress.com. If you need help with a self-hosted site, please head over to the WordPress.org forums here:


    You can also learn more about WordPress.org security here:



    Thank you for replying.

    Good question. I uploaded a WordPress index page to the Public directory in the file manager stored at the host provider. The code was correct, but reloading the page through the browser generated the same “hacked” message. I am not a technician but think the hacker accessed the main blog and additional pages through the admin page through the host provider.
    The damage was more extensive than a re-install of WordPress could clear, therefore I deleted the page and re-installed.

    Thank you for the link to WordPress security. Will pay great attention to it.

    Michel Massicotte



    My pleasure. Good luck sorting this out.

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