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Hacked password ?

  1. catherinenbocher

    I'm French from France

    This morning (12-2) at about 8:30 (Paris time),
    I couldn't log-in : my password has been refused !
    This password is automatically displayed by my browser, (Firefox 50.0.1), and I have the two-step Authentication.
    I tried to re-write the password (following slowly what I wrote in a special hidden book) I did 2 times : "wrong password" ! ?

    So I solve the problem with the "lost" procedure
    Now, it's working with a new strong password.

    Nevertheless, I'm very anxious about this matter.
    Because it's the first time that happen !

    Could you verify if someone tried to hack my account ?
    Details : I log-out this am at 01:20/25 and tried to re-log-in at 08:30 ( at about 2 or 3 minutes) before I changed the password few minutes after.

    Many thank for your help
    Have a good day

    The blog I need help with is

  2. catherinenbocher

    Hello again,

    Sorry I didn't read my e-mails !!
    I just see that you wrote me (and others) to advise that you proactively disabled the passwords for caution.
    So I have my answer.

    Thanks a lot for your reactivity in caution, it is not the case of the majority of any suppliers

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