Hacked … please help!

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    Hi, please help!
    My original site ‘ayarnlovingmama.wordpress.com’ is ok, but the site I upgraded to … ‘ayarnlovingmama.com’ has been hacked. It is now appears to be a very sleazy blog written in Japanese, and I really don’t want this affiliated with my business name (which is the same as my blog title).
    I’ve tried gaining access through my passwords, but it won’t let me in, and I tried resetting the password via email, but I didn’t receive an email, so that must now point to the hackers address.
    I would be so so grateful to anyone who could help me resolve this situation.
    Best regards,

    The blog I need help with is ayarnlovingmama.com.



    Go to your email program and change the password to a very difficult one because that’s how many hackers gain access to blogs.

    Then read this please and act on what you find there > http://en.support.wordpress.com/security/

    1. If you can log-in go here > Users > All Users and delete any user that does not belong there.

    2. Disable post by email > http://en.support.wordpress.com/post-by-email/

    3. Disable post by voice > http://en.support.wordpress.com/post-by-voice/

    4. Change your blog password to a very difficult one > http://en.support.wordpress.com/passwords/#change-your-password

    5. Use a secure, encrypted connection to connect to your Dashboard. Under Users → Personal Settings, check the box that says “Always use HTTPS when visiting administration pages, and click Save Changes.

    I tagged this thread for a Staff follow-up. Please subscribe to it so you are notified when they respond.



    FYI blogs do not get hacked unless you fail to follow security protocols.

    Who has access to your login information?
    Did you use the same password for your email account and your blog?
    Are you sharing log-in information with anyone or leaving it where anyone can locate it?
    Is your password a weak one that others can easily guess?
    Are you remaining logged in on your computer so anyone can come along and access your blog through it?
    Are you using a wifi connection and not using the https:// login?



    It looks like you let the domain name ayarnlovingmama.com – expire and it has been bought by someone else

    To at least see your content – you need to set the primary domain name back to your blog name & cancel the domain mapping

    Dashboard >> Store >> Domains >> set domain back to ayarnlovingmama.wordpress.com

    Dashboard >> Store >> My Upgrades >> Cancel the domain mapping

    This has been flagged for the staff to help above – but they are way backed up



    Thanks for your vigilance and correction auxclass. I appreciate it.



    You be welcome


    @auxclass @timethief Thank you for your replies. Why would someone want to buy my old domain name for something completely unrelated???


    So, are you saying that because my old domain name has been bought by someone else, there’s nothing I can do? :( @auxclass



    OK, well thanks for your help. That’s a lesson well learnt. I still can’t get my head around why someone would want to do that though!



    An existing name probably gets some search traffic and other incoming links, so they get free traffic for a while, at cost of bulk hosting today does not take much to make a bit. also domain names can be held hostage for big bucks – see the link from @timethief above for more tales of vile

    You be welcome – sorry could not give you better news



    The domain ayarnlovingmama.com expired on 2013-11-30 and was not renewed, and because of that, someone else was able to register it. Unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do except try to reach out to the new registrant to see if they’d be willing to sell it back, though they may try to charge quite a bit to do so.


    It looks like ayarnlovingmama.net and other versions of the domain are available to register, so you could try that instead. We list the different extensions/TLDs that you can register via WordPress.com here:

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