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    Recently someone posted on my blog without me even knowing it, has my account been hacked? I have deleted the post but surprised how this thing happened

    Here is the blog which went online without my knowledge

    Research Report that is already making headlines
    from Market Gup Shup by BD
    Breaking News! This stock is “One to Watch”.

    Date: February 19th
    Name: Microelectronics Technology Company
    Symbol to buy: M_E_L Y
    Last trade: $0.0163
    5-Day Target: $.15

    This Company is our new baby! This Stock is where the money flow could go!

    The blog I need help with is iaipchallenge.wordpress.com.



    Forgive me for asking the obvious questions, but its best to rule out these things first.

    Was this a blog entry or a comment?
    Do you have other authors on your blog?
    Do you blog on a computer to which other people have access?



    I should add that as a precaution you should probably change your password now, and ask any other authors to do so as well.



    Do you have ‘post by email’ enabled? Perhaps some spammer just got lucky and posted it that way.

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