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    Help please. I appear to have been hacked.

    In the last few hours, all the links in a private, prototype blog that I’m working on for a business project appear to have been seized.

    When I click them, they go to a URL that begins with an anonymizer’s prefix: http://href.li . . . . . (I can give you the full URLs if you tell me how to communicate with you regarding this – maybe email?)

    When I check the link that I entered in the page or post, it’s empty.

    When I re-insert the correct URL for the hijacked link, it goes back to the anonymizer’s site.

    It’s happened now with more of my posts and pages.

    Is there anything I can do? How can I protect the blog?

    The blog I need help with is metrolandblog.wordpress.com.



    Go to your email program and change the password to a very difficult one because that’s how many hackers gain access

    Then read this please knowing that blogs don’t get hacked when security protocols are followed. > http://en.support.wordpress.com/security/

    1. If you can log-in go here > Users > All Users and delete any user that does not belong there.

    2. Disable post by email > http://en.support.wordpress.com/post-by-email/

    3. Disable post by voice > http://en.support.wordpress.com/post-by-voice/

    4. Change your blog password to a very difficult one > http://en.support.wordpress.com/passwords/#change-your-password

    5. Use a secure, encrypted connection to connect to your Dashboard. Under Users → Personal Settings, check the box that says “Always use HTTPS when visiting administration pages, and click Save Changes.

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    I should have added that I cleared my cache, restarted my computer and had our corporate IT department come onto my system remotely to ensure it wasn’t a virus in our system – including ruling out a virus in my Firefox browser. I have another, personal WP blog which is not experiencing this problem. It’s only my private prototype WP blog.


    Thank you time thief, I will meanwhile do all those things. I always appreciate your attentive, helpful responses.



    Oh, that’s normal. It shouldn’t be going to a blank page, that’s a problem, but what you’re describing is actually a feature of your private blog.

    When a link is clicked on your blog to somewhere else, a referrer record is brought with the browser. This record says, “this is where I came from,” and is recorded in most stats systems. The keep your private blog completely hidden, we offer http://href.li which is prepended to your links and removes the referrer record, so your private blog’s location is never recorded as a referrer.

    To disable this, go to Settings -> Reading in your blog’s Dashboard and check, “I would like my links to be public, without being passed through a referrer hider.”


    Well thank you macmanx, I appreciate that.

    I guess my corporate security system simply doesn’t allow me to connect to links that begin with href.li – because it blocks them.

    I normally use my home computer to work on the corporate blog, but today, I used my work computer and this all started. (I feel pretty silly) But thanks to TimeThief, I’ve strengthened my password anyway, which probably was a good idea.

    Whew! Thanks again.



    Happy blogging from me. :)


    So I still need help here.

    I thought I had accomplished what macmanx advised: “To disable this, go to Settings -> Reading in your blog’s Dashboard and check, “I would like my links to be public, without being passed through a referrer hider.”

    I cannot get the WP system to accept heck mark on this box, even after I re-clear my cache and restart my computer. It empties right after I check save.

    Also, I just noticed that I cannot uncheck the box “I would like my site to be private . . . . ” (not that I want it to be public yet but perhaps there’s a glitch here somewhere that I haven’t solved yet?)



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    You’re right, the “I would like my links to be public, without being passed through a referrer hider” checkerbox isn’t working currently. I have asked someone to look into this.

    “I would like my site to be private . . . . ” is not a checkbox, it’s a radio button. You have to choose one of the three options there.


    Great, will wait for a fix. Thank you.

    But I don’t have the choices you reference for the private/not private “radio button” you referenced.

    My settings do not have choices – only one choice. I’ve put a screenshot-metroland file in my media library if you can access that.

    If not, tell me how to email you. And I appreciate all this back and forth very much.



    Take a look at Settings -> Reading in your blog’s Dashboard.

    You have “I would like my site to be private, visible only to users I choose” but above that you have “Discourage search engines from indexing this site” (public, search engines blocked) and “Allow search engines to index this site” (public).



    OK thanks, I finally get it. Never had a private blogsite before. And yes, as soon as I picked another option (duh) the whole thing worked. Appreciated.



    You’re welcome!


    I’m checking in to see if there’s a fix yet for the checkerbox that still isn’t working — It’s the “I would like my links to be public, without being passed through a referrer hider.” I don’t know if it’s related, but my Reader has also stopped working on the private test sites I’m using. I have had public blogs on WP.com for several years, and everything continues to work fine there. Thanks.



    No, that hasn’t been fixed yet.

    Would you please describe how your Reader isn’t working?


    The reader is working now, my apologies. I should have re-posted when it re-started. It simply wasn’t showing me new posts from the blogs I follow, including wordpress.com news. It was on the weekend so perhaps there was a temporary problem?

    Do you have a timeline for fixing the checkerbox?

    Thanks again.



    Yes, probably just a temporary glitch.

    There is no timeline on the checkbox fix at the moment.


    So I need to make a presentation in the next 10 days or so that will require live links, not through a referrer. Do you have any suggestions on a work-around, or a way I could accomplish this? It has to remain a private blog. Thanks if you can help.



    No, my only recommendation would be to make it public, but choose the option which hides it from search engines.

    It’s also highly possible that the Hide Referrer links will work just fine elsewhere. It only appears to be blocked by your office’s security system. You could probably even ask your office’s IT staff to unblock it for you.

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