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    Very good point, and one I hadn’t thought of. Possibly a solution. Appreciated. (Except if the checkbox is supposed to work, it’s probably not unreasonable for me to expect it to work, right?)



    No, not unreasonable for you to expect it to work. :)


    So I’m in a different location now, and the referrer has slowed down all the links. This is directly related to the problem that emerged March 20. Something happened March 20, because before that, the links shot through at regular speed on the computer I’m using now.

    So, one last attempt to find out how/when this might be fixed. Is it a problem for all private blogs across WP.com? Do we know? This is a presentation that’s supposed to lead to the corporate purchase of a significant upgrade – so it really does matter. Thanks.



    I’m honestly not noticing a slow down myself, and have actually several private blogs with the referrers hidden.

    Could you please describe the slow down, is it minutes or seconds, do you just notice the link going to one point and then being sent to another?



    On my home computer last night, it took almost three minutes for one of the referrer links to complete. I wonder if it’s something about our own corporate network, since almost every link connects back to another of our corporate sites. Could that be it? Maybe something in our own system changed on March 20 and I’m getting a slowdown because of the destination links?



    That could very well be it. Exactly what URL is it loading when it’s stalling for 3 minutes?

    If it looks like http://href.li/?http://example.com/ while it’s stuck for 3 minutes, the problem is our referrer hider. If it looks like http://example.com/ while it’s stuck for 3 minutes, the problem is the destination site (the corporate site in this case).


    Great info, thanks again for all this back and forth.

    It’s definitely the http://href links. Here are the first few characters of the link that just got stuck again tonight on my home computer:

    http://href.li/?http://www.therec. . . .

    The links that stall always begin with the referrer.

    Some links don’t got through a referrer, though, and those are fine, obviously.

    I really don’t understand this. Again, appreciated.



    Right, but the way it works is that the link goes to http://href.li/?http://example.com/ which should load in less than a second, then you’ll see http://example.com/ loading.

    I know that most of them start out going to http://href.li/?http://example.com/ but is it getting stuck loading http://href.li/?http://example.com/ or http://example.com/ ?


    OK, tried it on numerous links and it gets stuck at http://href.li/?http://example.com, not http://example.com.



    Thanks for clarifying! We’re still looking into this!



    Ok, this is all fixed up now, sorry about that!

    You’ll now be able to check “I would like my links to be public, without being passed through a referrer hider” at Settings -> Reading in your blog’s Dashboard.


    Oh you guys are awesome. Yes it works. I’m very grateful. Thank you for all the back and forth. It sure was worth it!!



    You’re welcome!

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