Hacked website, I would like to regain my administration role on the site

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    I would like to regain my administration role on the site, wwofclubpenguin.wordpress.com/ . Last year, there were two administrators on this site. One of the administrators were under my account. Unfortunately, the other administrator since someone had found out the password to the other admin.’s account. As a result, the hacker demolished the site and removed me from my administration.
    Weeks or months after the site’s devastation, the person that was hacked asked if you (WordPress) would remove his account from the site so that the hacker wouldn’t cause any further damage. Apparently, since the hacked account was the only admin. on the site (because the hacker used the account to remove me from it), the administrator account was removed and the site was left to have no administrators.
    The reasons I would like to regain my administrator role on the site is so that I can start posting again. In addition, I would also like for you (WordPress) to regain all the deleted posts prior to the site hacking. This is because the site was formally a memorial for many viewers to read and was a site made for many of my friends.
    Thank you for reading this and I hope we can come to a resolved conclusion from this dilemma.
    The site hacked is: wwofclubpenguin.wordpress.com/

    The blog I need help with is disco70scp.wordpress.com.



    Ignore the bottom sentence that says: The blog I need help with is disco70scp.wordpress.com.


    Let me be crystal clear about how this experienced Volunteer feels about Club Penguin kids, who defy the one Admin per blog recommendation, refuse to establish and maintain security protocols, including setting a strong password no one else has access to, and who then come crying here about their site being hacked – unsympathetic!


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    The site was not technically “hacked.

    It is clear that you and several other people had some personal issues with each other and were not able to work them out in a mature, face-to-face respectful manner.

    If you and these other folks still have problems with each other, then each and everyone of you needs to step back, then start separate blogs where you do NOT share administrative powers.

    WordPress will not be able to dig into the internecine feuds, conflicts, and interpersonal relationships which have caused the site in question to be, so to speak, questionable. Whoever owns it now, owns it—staff will not change who now owns the account.

    If your email (which identifies your account) is not associated with it as the owner, there is nothing to be fixed.

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