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  1. Learn about different exploits that linux has!

    I am working on windows exploits.

  2. Try putting this in the blog promotion thread at the head of the forum.

  3. could you give me the link to that one i cant seem to find it in blog search (forgive me, i just started using wordpress 3 days ago)


    It's in the yellow section at the top of Off Topic.

  5. @debian386, any chance you either did or describe the dos in , or alternatively in the downtime tread in the Off Topic forum?

  6. Hopefully debiani386 will hear the giant flushing sound shortly.

  7. It's a sleeping giant; getting his beauty sleep.

  8. That blog has been removed.

  9. Ahhh, the giant flushing sound courtesy of a handle push by Mark.

  10. how do i go about deleting this thread?

  11. You cannot, it is here forever or until staff deletes or closes it, which they typically do not do, especially when it is in the off-topic forum.

  12. Think of it as an example of "what can I do to get my blog suspended" thread.

  13. well i removed the blog

  14. Think of it as building your reputation.

  15. bump bump bump

  16. bump bump bump

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