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    The html code only shows up in Google search results also in Google News alerts which are sent to my email box.

    What are you searching for to return these results?


    Most of these would be a search for
    Ronco Consulting
    They, or someone has been very busy trying to bury my posts and rip my ranking so I was monitoring or I may never have known this

    Some came up in Google Alerts for Civilian Contractors, Injured War Zone Contractors



    I did a search and can’t see any of the code you’re referring to in the search results.

    Also, the links are going to your blog, they are not being redirected.

    See this screenshot: http://cl.ly/3u1x210U0m403b1Y3F0z



    FWIW I searched too and got the same results that macmanx did.


    I really appreciate the time you all have taken to look at this.

    Maybe you are not today able to find these in a google search, those results change rapidly.

    I copy and pasted those that I came across.

    Most of them came in google alerts.

    That html came from somewhere and I guess I am going to have to hire someone to run it down.

    WordPress did have a security company run a check but unfortunately the check was run on the wrong blog, another blog of mine that was not attacked.

    Again I appreciate the assitance by all and WordPress but I guess I am going to have to hire someone to figure this out. It’s not my imagination.



    Can you provide us with screenshots of what you’re seeing?

    You can upload these via Media -> Add New in your blog’s Dashboard.


    This forum is available to the public to read and I cannot send a screenshot of my email. I could cut and paste but have already done that above.
    The one that came up in a google search is long gone but was also cut and pasted
    Thanks for trying to help


    Here is another wordpress blog with the awk arrays in it
    This is in a google news alert
    International Campaign to Ban Landmines | missemmafry
    Posts about $1International Campaign to Ban Landmines written by $2Array.



    Have you considered you might have a browser add-on that is putting this code in there?



    If you take a screenshot and upload it via Media -> Add New in your blog’s Dashboard, just tell me the title of the screenshot.

    Viewing the screenshot would then require access to your Dashboard, and only you and I will be able to see it.


    Here is another one just popped up in a google alert
    This is long after all passwords etc have been changed
    This will effect my traffic for google searches for civilian contractor jobs
    which happens to be huge
    Civilian Contractor Jobs « Overseas Civilian Contractors
    Posts about $1Civilian Contractor Jobs written by $2Array.


    [#1217630]: Awk Arrays on my post

    I just forwarded the lastest email to help at wordpress.com



    Ok, the folks over there will continue via email then. If you’re able to send screenshots with the email, please do so.


    I have a couple posts that I am having a similar problem with (like Defensebaseactcomp) mentions. It is happening here:

    Bella Bleue Quotes | Bella Bleue Healing, Health & Inspiration for …
    Apr 13, 2012 – Posts about $1Bella Bleue Quotes written by $2Array.

    And Here: Connecting with the Dead | Bella Bleue Healing, Health …
    May 26, 2012 – Posts about $1Connecting with the Dead written by $2Array.

    I can’t find anything in the HTML code on the posts, and they load fine when clicked on. It’s just in the Google Search. I noticed you are talking about this through a long thread. Is this happening a lot right now?

    Thanks for your help!


    I have seen this on three wordpress blogs and my own, yours makes the fifth
    Despite the explanation provided by WordPress that neither I or they have been hacked my traffic has been altered. Searches for the specific terms do not register in my wordpress stats. My ranking for these terms which were very high have dropped significantly.
    These awk arrays are used by hackers and they do give directions
    Where are they being inserted and by whom, I cannot get an answer anywhere
    I do know that my blog has been targeted by a company which advertises that it can bury my posts so I must suspect them.



    But your blog has not been successfully redirected, that’s the thing.



    This was just recently fixed: https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/help-google-sitemap-issues/page/2?replies=40#post-910767

    It turned out to be a very hard to pin-point issue in our sitemap generator.

    Sorry for the trouble!



    Also, no redirection took place. defensebaseactcomp, I have yet to see any evidence of this from you.



    defensebaseactcomp, also awk arrays are not “used by hackers,” it’s a programming language. From out last reply to you via email:

    An awk program is a sequence of patterns and actions that tell what to look for in the input data and what to do when it’s found. Awk searches a set of files for lines matched by any of the patterns; when a matching line is found, the corresponding action is performed. A pattern can select lines by combinations of regular expressions and comparison operations on strings, numbers, fields, and variables.

    I’m including a link on learning the awk programming language, if you are interested: http://www.grymoire.com/Unix/Awk.html

    Sorry for the multiple replies, just trying to clear up some misinformation.


    I did notice that the html is no longer showing up in google alerts
    Very interesting on the Awk language and appreciated. Maybe the people writing on the hacking sites about using this language do not really use them.
    The other problems apparently lie elsewhere and are being addressed elsewhere.
    I’d like to suggest for those using these forums that we come here because we do not understand what problems we are having, it does not mean they are not real because they are not immediately recognized or identifiable via our lack of knowledge or inability to properly explain them.
    Thank you to everyone who took their time to help.

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