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Hacking attempts

  1. Hello,
    Good day every one,Yesterday i have posted a blog,and I am very much worried about this article as where ever i try to post this,that page has been compromised by someone,This is thus my humble request to help me in this issue! After reading this article you may understand what i am going through,I am a seo but i dont have knowladge of even html coding and php,And after recovering from the nightmere i have crossed through i have published my experinces in this blog,But all advices are welcome,If this is something which should not be published,i am ready to delete this
    Best wishes to all who is reading this

    The blog I need help with is

  2. If I understand what you are saying, you have been hacked on other sites and are worried that the same thing will happen on Is this right?

    If so, then I can assure you that is very secure. However you do need to be careful that people don't gain through some other route apart from a WordPress hack:

    • The email that you use to register the WorPress account need to be secure. If someone has access to this they can reset your WordPress password.
    • Your PC needs to be secure, if you leave it logged-on and unattended someone could compromise WordPress.
    • I

    • f you add extra users, be very careful about adding them as admins. Give them lower access rights unless you trust them completely.

    I hope this answers your concerns.

  3. Hello Thanks this assured me a lot,but still the way hacker is following this article,I am worried,Where evere i am publishing this article he is following,Infact 5 times i have published it and it became top 10...,and i am very sure that i am taking care of all steps you have adviced above,In the end i have place this article at and it took 3 months of linkbuilding to bring this on Top,Then he hacked that page and i was sleeping,Google informed me about this through webmasters tool!!
    Thanks anyways i hope nothing goes wrong this time

  4. here is the blog- this is making him mad and he is doing all possible hack attempts

  5. I think that as long as you secure your PC and email you will be safe at They strictly forbid JavaScript, etc, always have the latest security patches applied, and pro-actively monitor their system to detect any compromise attempts.

  6. Thank you very much for reassuring me!! I hope for the best and will start promoting from Scratch now this blog
    (This sick person has also contacted a pr6 article directories where i have published this before and on his request they have kept my article in nofollow index)For sure he has some good links,he is seller of directory script so he knows lots of directories owners,but he dont have anyone insider in wordpress i imagine!!

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