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Hacking website for childrens online game


    Has no valid purpose, is breaking ToS by only being around to distribute and teach hacking techniques for an online game for kids ( We'd like to see this site removed, let me know if I can provide any further information.

    Club Penguin

  2. Hmm, there are no posts what so ever on that weblog. Are you sure that's the correct url?

  3. Doh sorry, wrong URL!

    sigh...just realized my typo. :/

  4. Seems to be a very popular website. And they don't seem to be advertising themselves. I'm not sure if it's violating the ToS. I guess you should wait for some other volunteer to reply here or else contact support on Monday.

  5. @mikesphotos
    Do you recall this thread?
    Use this link report to staff

  6. @ishmeet
    Volunteers offering their interpretations of corporate policy or of contract terms is neither appropriate or helpful. I believe, although I could be wrong, that we have been requested to let staff deal with these types of issues.

  7. @timethief: I'll keep that in mind, thanks.

  8. P.S. Mark :

    "If this button does not work, and if your support button is not useful because Support is not open you can always send an email to support {at} wordpress {dot} com."
    The "Report as Spam" is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  9. @ishmeet,
    Your welcome. :)

  10. It's gone.

    Report any other hacking sites please.

  11. arrgghh! typo - I meant to type "you're"

  12. Mark, thank you very much. I'm sure I will come across others like this, should this be ported in a thread like this, or via the "Report as spam" link in each WordPress site? Just so I know for sure...

    Again, much appreciated!

  13. Reporting using the link in the admin bar is the better way - it's anonymous too.

  14. Hey guys, please help, that's my brothers site and I got suspended since I run on the same computer IP address as him! As you can see, my site is perfectly following of all the rules. I even just spent 26 dollars on a domain name! :(

  15. Sorry about the double post but I recieved emoleons password for a very important purpose (He gave me it because he wanted to help.) since I really need to get into my blog and the emails aren't coming fast enough. ( I understand the business.)

  16. It isn't suspended based on IP address but by blogname, so it should affect you one bit and the proof is with your site being fine. I am confused...


  17. Ok, try to login on wweadam. It says I am suspended, but my site is fine. I was an admin for him but I was never the poster. The only reason he put me on his site was so he didn't have to log off my name just to make a post on my site. (Because I stayed on the most.)

  18. If you were an admin and the blog was suspended you just won't be an admin Still doesn't affect any other blogs you are involved with (I don't think so anyways).


  19. Yes but it suspended my whole account on the user wweadam. I'm still admin on the site I think but I can't login to wweadam.

  20. Talk to staff about it would be the best idea! If you were using the user wweadam and it was involved in getting suspended, then that user might be gone forever.


  21. Ok. Man I'm so mad at my little brother. I didn't do anything and he got me suspended. :( Thanks for the help though.

  22. Grrr... I hate this hacking support. I am not the immature brat who swears a ton in posts, but this is ridiculous. I had to to start a group just to stop the spam (Akismet, thanks!) advertising hacking or the dreaded hentai. This is out of control, I would also like the site removed.

  23. Oh, I see it has nothing anymore. You know, they are likely to come back. Did you ban the IP address?

  24. Well, I, Wwe Adam, was unrightfully suspended and now I cannot access my blog except at editor privlages and I atleast need an admin to carry on.

  25. This will be sorted through support, not here.
    Please contact support.

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