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had blog deleted for no reason

  1. i deleted one of my old blogs. I clicked link on email for onlinepokersgreatestplayers to be deleted. it said nothing about deleting both my blogs. it only had link for the one above. i never agreed to delete both. e-mailed support twice with no answer.

  2. ummm anyone care to comment? lol blog deleted here?

  3. No. Nobody in the forum can do a thing about it. Contact staff.

  4. contacted staff

  5. no staff

  6. problem solved. thanks staff!

  7. Just for reference, none of us here have backend access. We're all volenteers.

  8. hey sorry,can u teach me how to contact the staff coz i think i have the same problem as yours. hmm pls email me at [email redacted]

  9. Here's the link to contact staff dealing with wordpress.COM blogs -

    Make your plea and you could get it back.

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