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Had great company Town Hall Online Meeting using WordPress today

  1. I believe that we had a *very* successful online Town Hall meeting this morning that exceeded our expectations. In a 2 hour period our employees that dropped in to the blog site we had over 150 questions & answers posted. In a normal month the blog has 1000 page views whereas during today’s two hour event we had almost 2,500. Over 83 employees participated either actively or by watching / reading the content as the event unfolded.

    Prep work:
    • Created a “Town Hall” meeting tab in our private employee only WordPress blog site announcing the event
    • Sent an Outlook meeting announcement to all of our employees explaining the event and how they should feel free to “drop in and out” while “refreshing the page often” to ask their questions and see the answers posted
    • Set up a conference call exclusively for our moderators that started 10 minutes before the event to coordinate answers. We also used MS Instant Messenger and had a group chat for those leaders that couldn’t be on the conf call due to conflicting customer calls.
    • We had five $5 Starbuck Gift Cards for various contests throughout the two our event

    The event:
    • Started the conference call and IM chat for the moderators/leaders
    • Posted a kickoff “Reply” in WordPress to the original Town Hall tab posting announcing that we were starting and $5 Gift Card to the first question asked
    • As questions began to pour in the moderators via the conference call and IM coordinated who was going to answer which questions and deliberated on responses privately.
    • Each answer started with the name of the person who asked the question so we could tie answers to questions
    • Hit refresh often to see new questions as well as responses.
    • Had a contest trivia question every half hour to give away the remaining 4 gift cards.
    • After the first 10 minutes attendees began to see the questions and the answers unfold on the blog page and the event took off like wildfire for the remaining 110 minutes that remained; as moderators we could hardly keep up at times.
    • With the event over we now have three pages of Q&A on our Town Hall blog tab that employees can go to at will.
    • We are already being asked when the next virtual online Town Hall meeting will be!

    At first I must admit that I was concerned that the event may have ended up as moderators “playing finger puppets for crickets”, but it turned out to be a great event that both the participants across the company and that many of the moderators enjoyed.

  2. Wow that is very impressive!

    I have been thinking of using that type of concept, on a much smaller scale.

    Thank you for posting the results!

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