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HALLELUJAH: How To Always Make Your Trackback Ping

  1. I have found a way to always make your trackbacks ping, no matter what service you are pinging to (whether typepad or blogger or powerblogs).

    Check it out.

  2. No1: Link does not work
    No:2 This is called self-promotion.

  3. And I don't see anything even remotely like this on the blog either.

  4. I thought I would piggyback on this thread since it seems like the latest one on trackbacks. I read the FAQ, and it says that the trackback URL has to start with http:// and end with /trackback. But the particular trackback URL I'm trying to use doesn't end with /trackback. Am I supposed to add it at the end of the original URL? The blog I'm trying to trackback to is a Typepad blog IIRC. I've contacted the blog owner to see if my trackback wasn't accepted for some reason, but given the info I read in the FAQ, I'm wondering if I formatted the URL wrong?

  5. Update: seems like maybe the trackback got lost in comment moderation limbo; I got hold of the blog owner and he was able to catch it and allow the trackback to go through.

  6. jezlyn - good catch about the trackback url. I shall put hunting that down on my Todo :)

  7. Note that a trackback URL that ends with /trackback/ is for WP blogs only. Other types of blogging software have other forms of urls.

  8. /pingback/

    It is usually listed on the site page that you're trying to hit.

    Some blog software will even take a trackback directed at the page in question but not all of them.

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