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    Hi for my site I would like to have the menu appear as a hamburger menu rather than the way it is by default.

    Is there a way to 1) do this, or 2) change this (by CSS for example)?

    Thanks anyone.

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there,

    CSS can only be used on our Premium Plan, but this change also cannot be made by just adding some custom CSS code to your site.

    A change like this would require modifying how the theme works by creating a child theme. Using child themes are only possible in our Business Plan, and we’re not able to help you write your own child theme – you’d need to hire a developer to do that for you.



    Thank you, So in summary, if I understand correctly, first I would need a Business Plan and then hire a developer to write a child theme?


    Yes, you’ve got it correct. There’s nothing against giving the child theme a little DIY attempt though before hiring someone.

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