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Handing over names for recycling

  1. Hi, I wanted to start a new blog, and i wasnt aware names could not be recycled so i just tried a few names I thought sounded cool with the intention of freeing the ones I did not want after a Google check (like, throwing a fish out in the water again).

    However, since i now know names can not be set free i think its better to keep them and offer to give them away if anyone falls in love with those particular domain names:


    Just let me know and i will take care of it in a few months... (i am quite busy right now). HOWEVER only if it does not result in any vulnerability to me in the process, eg. giving a stranger access to my login even for a short moment would not be acceptable.
    But i have the impression there is a procedure for handing names over safely... can anyone confirm that is so?

    PS. Perhaps a forum for recycle-names could be a good idea?

  2. This has been requested many times. And the answer has always been no. there are several reasons. First of all, its not that hard to add a number or letter at the end of a username that you want. There's another reason. If the username was recycled, a person could mistake it for the original owner of it, not the new one. So a guy could think you were his buddy when you weren't.

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