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    Hello, I have a question about what to do with carriage returns when translating gravatar.com. Can they be safely dropped/ignored in localized strings? Because of different sentence structures and segment lengths, simply duplicating the carriage returns of the English source would decrease the readability of the target language.

    For example, in this string it does not appear that carriage returns would be necessary (by the way, I was not able to find this string on the actual gravatar.com website, so would be grateful if someone could point me there so that I can see the context):


    Your link takes me to a list page, could you send me the specific string’s permalink? (click the “∞” link on that string’s details, like this: https://img.skitch.com/20110408-pm5urtasp57iwjn367b49b9p93.png ) Thanks



    Hmm, could it be that the form for posting to forums removes the square brackets from the URL?

    Let me try again: http://translate.wordpress.com/projects/gravatar/ru/default?filters%5Bstatus%5D=either&filters%5Boriginal_id%5D=12717&filters%5Btranslation_id%5D=1181520

    Otherwise, if the link still does not work, it needs square brackets around [status], [original_id], and [translation_id] and it would take you to the string that I am trying to reference.


    Not sure it is actually being used anywhere, but I’ll check with the Gravatar devs. (PS-the forum does remove the square brackets, but posting just the ID of the translation does the job, too)



    You should check with them to finally make changes I sent them very long time ago, and then to update project with fresh POT file.



    That file in particular is actually not used in the front-end of the site anymore, but has not been removed from POT files just yet. Please feel free to put carriage returns where they make sense within strings and we’ll go from there. Normally the line feeds are just there to make the text more readable when editing it, and they are ignored in the HTML output of pages, so where you put them will not affect output.



    Thank you, Beau! So, if I understand your response correctly, it is OK to ignore carriage returns in general?

    (And I agree with Miladin that it would be nice to have the latest POT file so that translators are not spinning their wheels working on strings that are not used anywhere, we can apply our energies elsewhere instead :)

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