Handy methods to use for WP features

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    Won’t it be great if there is any quick way to refer the tricks/features/easter egg/.. of
    WP, just like a drop down list near the visual editor which has all items like Get Random, contact-form, … Also some repository for all the new features other then the blog archives
    will help the newbies to use them easily instead of searching them in the archives.



    do you mean like an extension to the available buttons in our editor?

    that sounds good, actually. it’ll definitely help the newbies who may not know all the latest features available here recently.

    you should send in feedback, because not all threads are monitored by staff. that way, your suggestion will be read by a staff and if they like it, they may put it in their plans. =)



    Ya exactly sulz that’s what i try to mean. Since feedback is closed for weekends ;-) I’ll send it soon



    They have it in some of the places. For example there are tabs for the video and slideshows thatare support within the uploader.

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