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Handy new Firefox extension

  1. Not sure where to post this, but I found a handy little extension for members.

    After you install you're going to have to customize the toolbar and drag the WordPress logo onto your toolbar. After that, a simple click and you can post from your sidebar.

  2. I've been using ScribeFire, from the time it was a little known beta as Performancing for Firefox-PFF. It works great and various blogging platforms.

  3. What does it do?

  4. Both allow you to post new blog entries via a sidebar or lower bar....without being on the site. ScribeFire is more versatile, but for those wanting an official plug-in the wordpress one exists.

  5. sweetoldmemories

    i too using scribefire, but the post i made thru that goes to my main blog although i want to post to my other blog which r under my main blog. how to post in respective blogs thru scribefire.

  6. i prefer WLW, ive tried loads of different apps and while LW has its issues at the moment (it's in beta) its by far the best editor ive come accross

  7. sweetoldmemories

    what is wlw?

  8. windows live writer.

  9. @ majhiduniya

    you can have several blogs on scribefire ;)

  10. sweetoldmemories


    WLW requires windows xp, although i have win2k

    y,i have listed all my blogs inscribefire. but whenevr i post anything, it goes to my main blog instead of the respective blog.

  11. I can't seem to get ScribeFore to work, I get an error message:
    Error with request: the server sent back the following Response:
    Fault Error:

    The API ant the URL you endtered seems to not exist.
    please make sure that you have the correct url and try again.


    Any idea how I can fix this?

  12. I do use firefox but not this extension. I think that the firefox forums may be a good starting place. And I found this on the web

  13. Yeah, I went there. There's another user in those forums with the same problem, and his blog is also at WordPress.

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