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    It’s been 24 hours since i’ve purchased the guided transfer update. I’ve not yet been contacted by a happiness engineer. :(

    The blog I need help with is thereddotman.com.



    Hello there,

    Thanks for letting us know. Many of our Happiness Engineers work Monday-Friday so there may be a bit of a delay if you just made the request in the past day.

    Please bear with us and someone should be in touch with you soon! :)



    I have a similar issue, I have purchased a guided transfer on 10th May (thursday) and have yet to be contacted by a happiness engineer. I wrote in to the support centre on the 12th and have yet to receive a reply on the issue…

    On average how long does it take for a Happiness Engineer to contact us and do they do so via email?


    I’m sorry but we Volunteers do not have answers to your questions. As there are very few Happiness Engineers providing support for 31 million blogs I do expect there may be a wait involved. Guided Transfer > Frequently Asked Questions



    Hi @chocomon,

    We’ve actually emailed you a couple times attempting to get in contact with you, but we haven’t heard back. Have you checked your spam folder? Perhaps our emails are getting caught there accidentally.



    Thank you for your reply! I checked my spam folder as well but to no avail, however I managed to get a reply after writing into the support centre. Thank you so much!

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